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CAL.S.A.C is responsible for the day to day running of all coaching administration in South Australia. The 1980’s saw huge changes in the world of sport, both State and Federal Governments were adopting policies both to support the development of sporting potential in young Australians and to require sports Authorities to establish proper standards, controls and accountability in their Sport. Government Grants became available and “Teachers” became “Coaches” and Calisthenics became a Sport.

CASA ran the first Coaches Training Course in 1989 (Level O) and it was decided that State Team coaches for 1990 must have Level O accreditation. In 1992 after several meetings of interested Coaches, it was decided that an Autonomous Coaching body was required in SA and so, the Birth of CALSAC, standing alone Financially in its own right.

With the formation of the Australian Calisthenic Federation, CALSAC representatives were appointed to the ACFCC, the National Coaching body, and have played an integral part in the development of the National Coach Accreditation courses, and National Coaching Conferences ever since.


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